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Sweet strength
Never lose faith in the end of the story
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19th-Dec-2009 11:53 pm - Horror-scope for today
Emo Eeyore
Your tolerance for uncertainty is greater than that of others and today you could take your avoidance of a final decision even further than usual. You might get on someone's nerves now because you want to leave all your options open. Your fear that making a choice too soon will prevent you from being available for a bigger opportunity is unfounded. In fact, waiting too long could cause you to miss something wonderful that's right in front of your nose.
16th-Dec-2009 02:03 pm - Horror-scope for today
Today's New Moon is in your 7th House of Partnerships, indicating a new direction you hope to take in improving the most significant relationships in your life. No relationship is perfect, yet your willingness to learn how to be a better version of you sets the stage for real personal growth as you step deeper into your own feelings. Instead of scattering your energy now, try to concentrate it on what matters most.
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